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Author: Sarah Yam

As a co-founder of Red Digital China, a Chinese digital marketing agency. Her specialties include Baidu SEO, PPC, Chinese social media and content marketing strategy, Chinese website development, Chinese copywriting, and Chinese design. Her key team includes CTO who specializes in web, mobile development, machine learning and data analysis. Over the past eight years, Sarah has led and executed successful digital campaigns for a range of international and local companies in China, Hong Kong and internationally, including: Hong Kong Ocean Park, agnes b, Volkswagen, Premium Tax Free – Watches of Switzerland and Damiani. She has worked with property, travel and hospitality, luxury and fashion clients. As a native Chinese speaker fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese and English, Sarah is also a popular Chinese lifestyle, fashion and travel blogger. During the day, she was working for Red Digital China, during the night, she expands her interest in creating story-telling content, design, drawing etc.