who we are?

who we are?

Sarah Yam


With more than 9 years' digital marketing experience in China and Hong Kong digital marketing and MA e-marketing and social media master degree, Sarah Yam specialises in Chinese digital marketing helping companies to reach Chinese consumers. She can speak and write in Chinese Mandarin, Cantonese and English. And she is also a Chinese blogger and vlogger in Chinese social media.

Stan Sun


Stan Sun is a native Mandarin speaker graduated from Master of investment management at the University of Reading, he is a self-trained web developer who is knowledgeable in the latest coding skills such as Python, C#, C++, R, Node, React, Django, Ruby on Rails, etc. Besides, he is excellent in data analysis & analytics and running statistical models to solve problems.

Ann Wang

Account Manager

Ann Wang is our account & project manager who is responsible for account and project management, she holds a Queen Marry Business Finance in management and marketing. She is trained in digital marketing in-house to better serve and manage projects for clients.

Aaron Hu

China social media & account executive

Aaron Hu has more than 5 years digital and social media marketing experience for the China market successfully generating sales leads for various clients via Chinese social media initiatives. He is also a young millennial of China social media influencer with growing fan base in bilibili due to his talented in Chinese copywriting, video editing and social media management.

Matthew Li

Chinese Social Media Marketer

Matthew Li is a Chinese creative social media copywriter with experience working in leading Chinese Internet companies such as 163.com, Harper's Bazaar, Shang Learning etc. He had successfully lead a team to grow Weibo and WeChat from zero to 50000 followers. His major is advertising in Hunan University of Science and Technology in China.

Tina Gehuiting

Graphic and UI designer

Tina is a creative graphic and UI designer. She studied graphic design in Hunan University of Science and Technology in China and had experience working in Chinese leading artificial intelligence company and Chinese tech and media industries.

Bianca Yu

China tourism sales consultant

Bianca Yu has more than 10 years experience in Chinese OTA in the Mainland Chinese market and she involve in helping clients to connect with Chinese OTA and define Chinese tourism B2B sales strategy and helping western hospitality and tourism clients to achieve sales in Mainland China.

Scarlett Zhao

China advertising manager

With over 10 years’ China paid media and social media advertising experience, Scarlett Zhao has helped various famous brands such as Apple, Samsung, Foton Motor, Huawei, Yintai e-commerce etc to excuted various China paid advertising campaigns to drive reach, leads generation, and conversion. She has experience in helping clients to devise China paid ads strategy for Baidu, Sogu, TouTiao, Zhihu, Tencent, Weibo, WeChat social media ads.

Jung Tang

Chinese video filming and content producer

Jun Tang is a Chinese videographer and content producer with more had more than five years experience in filming and post editing. He had worked with Tencent, China Southern Airlines, L’Oreal, Audi and BY-Health Co Ltd etc. He used Sony A7ii rated device to do video filming. He is skilled at adobe software, final cut, lighting etc

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