2019 China mobile internet released by QuestMobile

July 25th, 2019

What is the latest 2019 China mobile Internet trend released by QuestMobile?

QuestMobile released a report on Tuesday (Jul 23), which summarizes some new trends of mobile internet in China.

According to the data, mini-program is still strong. In wechat, the count of mini-programs with monthly active user over 5 million increased from 133 in June 2018 to 180 in June 2019, and that with MAU over 1 million has reach 883.


BAT enterprises are all competing in mini-program to obtain users from diverse scenario. WeChat rides on the social traffic to focus on daily life & entertainment related mini-programs; Alipay relies on its strong commercial capabilities to expand the usage of mini-programs in various aspects of consumption; Baidu mini-program based on the open source alliance to attract wide range of users.


Another new trend in China is the rise of private domain traffic based on interest or relationship, which has better conversion rate, higher transaction amount, and better repeat purchase rate.