2021 Douyin/Titkok video & livestreaming insights for marketers

January 13th, 2021

If you want to appeal the new generation (Gen Z) from China which is the future cash cow, the next spenders, then you can't miss this post…

Here is the latest Douyin (Titkok) 🤩 report that marketers from China shall know about!

Happy New Year 2021! I wish you have a fresh start for 2021. If you want to appeal the new generation (Gen Z) from China which is the future cash cow, the next spenders, then you can't miss this post for 2021 for your China market strategy.

Let's reveal the 2020 Douyin insight report and see some trends that we had seen See below: 👇🏻 👇🏻

1️⃣ Douyin (Titkok) daily users had grown to 6 billion, daily active video number of search had also grown to 4 billion.

2️⃣ Due to pandemic 😷 and stay at home, there are more than 93 billion broadcasting regarding home cooking throughout the year 2020.

3️⃣ The most active time for Chinese people to record their own Douyin (Titkok) video is from 8PM-9PM China time Sunday.

4️⃣ Had seen a V shape rise in 2020 Golden festival, the most busiest period for Chinese people to record their travel journey in Douyin. Local travel has shown recovery since the pandemic.

Douyin/Tiktok 2021 has opened CNY shopping lots of incentive benefiting Chinese consumers to shop in Douyin directly without leaving to other channels such as "flash sales", "super live shopping" etc. Also Douyin is going to push for more IP Chinese new year gift items to push for Chinese consumers as a part of the monitorization scheme.

Also, Douyin algorithm will select and push brands from cosmetic, skincare, fashion, home and FMCG to its huge 6 billion active daily userbase!

This is what I had mentioned in my earlier post, we are living in the age that the "Brand Age" has already swifted to "Product Age" which the social media algorithm will use its existing huge customers' database such as demographics, and consumers historical behaviors to guide and tell them what they shall buy and compared to a human being, these algorithm is operating 24 hours x 7 days per week, it can be a bit scary but it is already the case.

And as a brand, it is not about if you should involve in the game or not, it is about to getting in and capturing the trend as fast as you can because in China, speed is everything...

The opportunities is for those who can be fast enough to capture the trend untill the market is already been saturated with similar competitors who had been ahead of you in the market. Thought?

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Source: Douyin