Baidu search algorithm based on geographic factor

January 27th, 2020

Baidu search tends to display local content based on your geographic location.

Recently, the Baidu search seems to display local content based on your geographic location. Here are some ideas to improve your page ranking related to this factor:

  • Regional identifiers Containing regional content within your page can increase the probability of rankings for Baidu. Try to add regional identifiers, i.e. regional keywords, slang, location, etc., especially for Chinese websites. The Chinese language has various dialects. You may include slang or wordings specifically used in the region to improve the relevance.


  • Link Building To improve the regional attributes of a page, we can improve the relevance based on the relationship with other pages, e.g. exchange suggested links with local websites, or add direct links to well-known institutions in local related industries.

-Find out the right & popular "search intend keywords" from Baidu and add to your website. E.g. instead of just inserting "SEO service", try to specify the region and the relevant terms in which the service needed most for China.