Elderly market in digital era

December 9th, 2019

A massive demand of online content for elderly market has not yet fulfilled.

With smartphones and mobile app getting more and more common and user-friendly, many elderly people also get in touch with technology. China National Bureau of Statistics said that there are 249 million elderly people aged 60 or above in China, which is around 18% of the total population. Massive demand for online content for the elderly market has not yet fulfilled.


Since there are not many high-quality elderly content accounts on the market, the range of choices for elderly users is narrow, and the probability of opening an account they are following is much higher. In addition, the elderly tend to show high loyalty to the content they identified with and are keen to forward recommendations.


According to research, family members contribute 23% of elderly people’s Wechat friends, which is 2.38 times of that of young people. As the Wechat circle is dominated by acquaintances who they really know in real life, the probability of success in recommending a product or service is greatly increased.