“Financial gossip girl” on Chinese social media platform

December 19th, 2019

“Financial gossip girl” is a self-media in China providing content of news, and gossip within the financial circle.

“Financial gossip girl”(金融八卦女) is a self-media in China with over 5 million followers on Weibo and Wechat. It provides content of news, events, gossip and even scandals within the financial circle using a relaxing and entertaining attitude. It attracts middle and upper-class users, such as business practitioners, those working in listed companies, management personnel in the financial industry, and delegates of financial regulatory agencies.


“Financial gossip girl” also has its own app to merge the content from the 2 Social Media platforms and other features to provide networking and dating services for the financial elites. Apart from online, it also organizes offline activities for users to participate in.


Recently, the parent company of “Financial gossip girl” has successfully listed on National Equities Exchange and Quotations in China. Let’s look forward to how more possibilities “Financial gossip girl” may bring us with this new development of the company.