How to operate your business from a product perspective

October 30th, 2019

Four tips by Red Digital Lab.

Chinese business operations may not always be able to give users the optimal User Experience. Here are four tips to run your business, taking into account how users would interact with your products:


  1. Understand the project stage A product undergoes MVP, budding period, rapid growth and maturity in the Business Cycle. In each of these milestones, different Chinese Marketing strategies are required to optimize Conversion Rate and ROI.
  2. Understand Chinese customer profile Identify the Target Group that you are serving.


  1. Be empathetic Put yourself in customers’ shoes and generate content that suits their interests. E.g. to appeal to 2-tier customers with high purchasing power, create content about cars - that are relevant to them.
  2. Have a clear goal Always bear in mind what you want your product to become, e.g. a platform will grow to become self-sustaining through UGC discussions.