Museum marketing & live-streaming in China

May 28th, 2020

China's national heritage sites received 3.33 billion likes on Douyin in 2019. In China most major arts institutions use the short-video app…

Douyin announced the launch of "Cloud Museum" event with more than 20 museums across the country, inviting #museumcurators and cultural celebrities to lead the audience to watch the exhibition online through Douyin live broadcast.

museum livestreaming

Hashtags for “Cloud Tour” were shared on both Weibo and Douyin. The platforms supported one another with Weibo growing audience and Douyin platforming livestreams hosted by museum curators.

Gansu Provincial Museum held two live broadcasts on the Taobao live broadcast platform. "The number of live online people in the live room is up to more than 900,000, which is more than half of our total audience last year, and the number of likes exceeded 500,000."

Although live streaming for the museum has become a trending topic in China, to last long, as the chinese museum expert #KOL mentioned “I need to read a substantial amount of reading every day since followers ask a variety of questions, it is difficult to cope without profound extensive knowledge”

With potential future covid19 outbreaks, might be it is time to embrace the shift from offline to online in the way the industry used to work to promote art work, together with how audiences view the art work? Perhaps it is time to try something new such as livestreaming?