Prevent ranking drop at Baidu search algorithm

January 21st, 2020

Make use of Baidu search resources platform to help you discover website's issues.

If you want your website to run smoothly and without dramatically drop at Baidu ranking, you may pay attention to the followings:

  1. Review the link status Calculate the daily average growth rate of your website and check where the source is from.
  2. Topic instead of keyword Keyword density is outdated. Instead of scanning a specific keyword, the search algorithm now emphasis on LSI keywords. It’s enough to just use the specific keyword at the title and the algorithm can figure out the overall topic of the page.


  1. Original content Create original content. Avoid using content from pseudo-original tools. The weight of being original may account for 30%-40% in Baidu search rankings.
  2. Diversified content types Apart from text and graphic content, embedding short videos will get more search traffic for the website.
  3. Baidu search resources platform Verify your website on the Baidu search resources platform, which would send you a notification when having issues.