Chinese SEO Tips: Avoid Broken Links in your website

January 27th, 2020

If you lose external links in your website, it will inevitably lower the Baidu search ranking of the website.

Chinese SEO Tips: Avoid Broken Links in your website

Construction of Baidu's external links has a certain effect on the Baidu search engine ranking. If you lose external Baidu links on your website, besides that it will affect the overall operation of the website, it will also inevitably lower its Baidu search ranking.


Common causes of broken links / losing external links:

  • Low quality external URL (Please note that some high authority external URL coming from authoritative Chinese media sites are not free in China)
  • Failure of the server which hosts the target page
  • Relocation to a new domain name
  • Restructuring of websites causing changes in URLs

To prevent losing a large number of external links, you should develop the habits to review the external links regularly, try not to modify and adjust the URL structures and establish a relationship with external Chinese publishers and advertisers to maintain good communication.

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