The Behavior Chain of Purchase Conversion

December 5th, 2019

The digital era has changed consumers' behaviours.

The AIDMA model advocated around 1920 by Roland Hall described Consumer Behaviors from attention to action:

Attention → Interest → Desire → Memory → Action

According to the model, the consumer pays attention to a product because of advertisement, which creates interest and turns to desire. The desire becomes a memory for the consumer to action (i.e. purchase the product).


In the digital era, the internet makes it easier for consumers to search for information, purchase immediately and share reviews with others. Thus, AIDMA transforms into AISAS:

Attention → Interest → Search → Action → Share

With the growth of internet enterprises, there comes another new model AARRR, as traditional companies target to sell products while internet enterprises aim to get users instead:

Acquisition → Activation → Retention → Revenue → Refer


The chain can break at each of the steps (i.e. loss of customers). No matter how the model transforms with time, how to utilize the resources at each step to prevent the break of the chain is the challenge for every business.