The internet language of Post-00 generation in China

August 5th, 2019

Post-00 generation in China like to use pinyin abbreviation to communicate on social media and private messages.

xswl, bhys, dbq … These are not typo but some words commonly used by post-00 generation in China, especially when communicating on social media and private messages. Do you know what these words mean?

A001.JPG xswl = 笑死我了, which the pinyin is xiào sǐ wǒle, literally means “make me laugh to death”. It’s the Chinese version of LAMO ("laugh my ass off”).


bhys = 不好意思, which the pinyin is bù hǎoyìsi, meaning "sorry for inconveniencing somebody".


dbq = 对不起, which the pinyin is duìbùqǐ, meaning "apology".

Using pinyin abbreviation to communicate is not invented by post-00 generation, post-80 also did the same before. However, different generations have their own commonly used phases, thus, even both know the Chinese language and the rule of pinyin abbreviation, they cannot understand each other's language.

Below are some other common words used by the Chinese youngsters, can you guess what the below mean? You can find the answers on the attached pictures.

sjb drl hsbd nsdd nbcs


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