Trend for SEO in China in 2020

January 20th, 2020

What should we pay attention to when we do SEO on China in 2020?

Search engine algorithms and operating strategies are constantly changing based on users' search needs, experience, and technological advancement. What should we pay attention to when doing Baidu SEO in China in 2020?

  1. Voice Search With the rapid growth of mobile devices usage in China, more and more users gradually use voice search instead of typing when searching for information. The loading speed and content of the mobile website is even more important.
  2. Local Search Baidu search algorithm generates search results to target users based on geographic location. Therefore, China's regional specific keywords are very important. It’s suggested to establish regional and city relevance pages in order to get better visibility at the search engine results pages at Baidu.
  3. Artificial Intelligence In 2020, artificial intelligence will not only be used at algorithms but also getting more common in writing relevant content within a short time. The cost of content creation is expected to increase gradually.