Unlock the Power of Chinese Market: Master 2024 Social Media Marketing Calendar to drive Chinese shoppers and Tourists

February 7th, 2024

Unlock the potential of China's booming market with our definitive 2024 marketing calendar guide. Tailored for international companies and brands, this resource offers strategic insights for aligning with 2024 China's key shopping festivals and holidays to boost engagement and sales.

2024 China Marketing Calendar Overview

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The Biggest Festival

January (Winter Travel Break)

In January 2024, the Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, is the key festival. This festival, typically falling between late January and early February, is the most significant holiday in China. It's a time for heavy shopping for gifts, decorations, and food. Brands should focus on campaigns that resonate with renewal, family, and prosperity.

Additionally, this period sees an increase in travel and dining planning, making it an opportune moment for brands to engage with tailored marketing strategies that highlight travel opportunities, festive dining, and special New Year promotions.


February (Winter Travel Break)

Lunar New Year (February 10-24) For February 2024, focusing on the Chinese New Year offers marketers a prime opportunity to capture the attention of Chinese shoppers and travelers. Strategies should include tailored promotions that cater to the festive spirit, leveraging themes of reunion, prosperity, and new beginnings. Marketers can engage consumers by highlighting special offers on travel packages, festive dining experiences, and unique gift options. Emphasizing convenience, value, and the celebration of Chinese cultural traditions will be key to resonating with customers planning their holiday activities during this peak season of consumer spending and travel.


Valentine's Day

To effectively engage Chinese shoppers and travelers on Valentine's Day 2024, marketers should adapt their strategies to cater to the unique aspects of Chinese consumer behavior, which blends traditional sentiments with a growing appetite for modern, romantic expressions of love. Customized promotions, exclusive couple's experiences, and themed merchandise can resonate well. Emphasizing high-quality, memorable experiences over generic gifts can distinguish offerings from Western counterparts, aligning with the Chinese consumers' desire for personalized and thoughtful expressions of affection, thus capturing their interest and spending during this special day.


For May 2024, marketers have a significant opportunity during Labor Day and the 520 Valentine’s Day to engage Chinese shoppers and travelers.

Labor Day is typically merged with a weekend or extended by adding a workday before or after the holiday to create a 3-4 day window for short travel, which can be extended even further using paid leave.

  • Labor Day (May 1-3): Offers an opportunity for campaigns around travel deals, leisure experiences, and love-themed products.
  • 520 Valentine’s Day (May 20): Engage with love-themed promotions, leveraging "520" as "I love you" in Mandarin.

Tailoring campaigns around travel deals, leisure experiences, and love-themed products can effectively capture the market. Exclusive promotions, special packages for couples, and themed merchandise around the concept of love, given the numeric similarity of "520" to "I love you" in Mandarin, will resonate well. Aligning with these holidays by offering unique experiences and value will attract consumers looking to celebrate and express their affection during this time.



  • 618 Shopping Festival (June 18): A critical time for brands with wide-ranging discounts and promotions. Leverage exclusive deals and engaging online content.

In June 2024, the 618 Shopping Festival presents a prime opportunity for marketers to capture Chinese shoppers and travelers. This mid-year online shopping event, celebrated for its wide-ranging discounts and promotions, is a critical time for brands to engage with consumers. Marketers can leverage this period by offering exclusive deals, launching new products, and creating engaging online content that resonates with the shopping festival's spirit of indulgence and savings. Personalized marketing campaigns and partnerships with popular e-commerce platforms can further enhance visibility and drive sales during this key shopping event.


July-August (Summer Travel Break)

School holiday breaks are essential times for the travel industry, with opportunities for family travel both inside China and overseas.


  • Qixi (Chinese Valentine’s Day – August 10): Ideal for special promotions, limited-edition products, and romantic getaways.

For August 2024, marketers can focus on Qixi, the Chinese Valentine's Day, to attract Chinese shoppers and travelers. This festival, rooted in a romantic legend, is celebrated by couples across China and is an ideal time for brands to offer special promotions, limited-edition products, and romantic getaways. Tailoring marketing efforts to highlight themes of love, commitment, and togetherness can resonate deeply with consumers. Engaging storytelling, coupled with targeted advertising and social media campaigns, can effectively capture the hearts and spending of couples looking to celebrate their affection during Qixi.



  • Mid-Autumn Festival (September 17): Showcase products and services that complement the festive atmosphere, like custom mooncake gift sets and family travel packages.

In September 2024, the Mid-Autumn Festival offers a unique opportunity for marketers to engage with Chinese shoppers and travelers. This celebration, centered around family reunions, mooncake sharing, and lantern displays, is a perfect time for brands to showcase products and services that complement the festive atmosphere. Custom mooncake gift sets, family travel packages, and themed merchandise can attract consumers. Marketers should focus on campaigns that emphasize family values, tradition, and togetherness to resonate with the sentiment of the Mid-Autumn Festival.



  • National Day (October 1-7): Golden Week offers opportunities for tailored travel packages, exclusive holiday deals, and engaging travel content.

During Golden Week in October 2024, a significant public holiday in China, marketers can capture Chinese travelers by offering tailored travel packages, exclusive holiday deals, and engaging travel content. Highlighting unique destinations, cultural experiences, and hassle-free travel options can attract travelers looking for memorable holiday experiences. Collaborations with local tourism boards and businesses to offer special promotions can further enhance appeal, making Golden Week an opportune moment for brands to connect with a wide audience of eager Chinese travelers.



  • Singles’ Day (November 11): Engage with innovative marketing strategies, exclusive deals, and interactive online events.

In November 2024, Singles' Day on November 11th provides a significant opportunity for marketers to engage with Chinese shoppers. This event, renowned as the world's largest online shopping day, calls for innovative marketing strategies that offer exclusive deals, limited-time offers, and interactive online events. Brands can capitalize on the shopping frenzy by creating buzz through social media campaigns, partnering with popular e-commerce platforms, and offering personalized promotions to stand out in the competitive landscape, thus capturing the attention and spending of millions of Chinese consumers.



  • Double 12 (December 12): Offers a chance for brands to capture year-end shopping mood with strategic sales, loyalty rewards, and targeted promotions.

In December 2024, Double 12 (December 12th) presents an opportunity for marketers to engage with Chinese shoppers following the Singles' Day shopping frenzy. This day offers a second chance for brands to capitalize on the year-end shopping mood. Marketers can capture this audience through strategic flash sales, loyalty rewards, and targeted promotions aimed at last-minute holiday shoppers. Creating exclusive online events and leveraging social media for buzz can also enhance engagement, making Double 12 a key date for boosting sales and reinforcing brand presence in the Chinese market.


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