How Steve jobs “simplify” philosophy can relate to WeChat mini program

July 16th, 2019

How Steve jobs “simplify” philosophy can relate to WeChat mini program

How many time you only use a few apps on your smartphone? I bet you only use a few of them. For most of us, we might not even touch them after we had downloaded them, or forgot why we downloaded them in the first place…?

WeChat mini-program is the evolution and creation that aligns Steve’s belief, vision, and ideal which Steve jobs believe. Steve believes “simplify”, “simplify”, and “simplify”.


“Father of WeChat” Zhang Xiaolong believes that “every transaction can take place in one super-app WeChat. He created the “concept” of WeChat mini-program, which are stripped-down versions of native apps with only core features in exchange for smaller size and quicker access.

Isn’t it an exact philosophy reflection to Steve’s “simplify” design principle? The stripping down process is an exact “simplifying” step.

Because mobile Internet users only to use a few core functions of a mobile app in our day to day life. WeChat serves the key function that connects all of our Chinese colleagues, family members, friends, business networks, etc in one place. You can send photos to your friend, send a document to your colleague, and post a selfie photo in WeChat moment to make your friends jealous (well, you can hide the post to your boss too!).

Imagine you are in the office and want to have “lunch” delivered to your office. While heavily using WeChat as a day-to-day communication, you don’t need to check out another delivery app on your phone, you can just stick to your WeChat and “search”(well, in Chinese, i.e. 美团) and then a mini WeChat delivery app 美团 appears in WeChat and then you can select the restaurant you want to order or look at any latest hot coupon and promotion you can get some good deal.

This is a process of "simplification" which mobile users can "simplify" the efforts needed in their life to "complete a certain task".

小年糕+is the top number 1 ranked WeChat mini-program which hits the Wechat mini program ranking sheet.

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The developer who developed this popular “elderly focus” 小年糕+follow the “rule of simplification” on user interface development as well as app functionality design.


Although the user interface is nothing very fancy and luxury, it fulfills the “unfulfilled market gap” in the Chinese’s WeChat mini program market which the lonely elderly population doesn’t have any channel to express their emotional connection with their same old peers on the pass old memories, or with their grandson and daughters.

Lots of the existing mobile apps are mainly geared for the Chinese young generation, yet the remaining huge Chinese elderly generation does not have a channel to share their content.

The founder of 小年糕+ makes it easy for the elderly to upload their own content into the WeChat mini program as the team also found that a lot of the existing young generation mobile apps are just too hard for the elderly population to navigate and use.


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