WeChat reminder to turn off push message from Official Accounts

August 6th, 2019

WeChat reminds users to turn off push messages from official accounts they no longer interested in.

Some users received a reminder on Jul 25th from WeChat: "you have multiple subscribed official accounts that you haven’t read for a long time, you can choose not to receive article push messages from these accounts." When clicking on this reminder, it would show a list of the official account that users have subscribed to, and users can select which account they want to stop the push messages from.


WeChat said the function is still in the testing stage. Only some iOS users can receive the reminder.

Even without this reminder, users can turn off push messages of official accounts in settings, but it’s kind of hidden that most users don’t know it exists. Also, users can only turn off the push message one by one on the individual official account page. With this reminder, users can select multiple accounts to turn off push messages at once.


This new feature is expected to further decrease the viewership of the official accounts' articles if the brand is not active in posting regular WeChat content and engaging with Chinese followers.