Why China’s live-streaming platform Douyu banned a vlogger for her face reveal?

August 4th, 2019

Female vlogger used “inappropriate behavior” to draw attention and got banned by the platform Douyu


Qiao Biluo was a vlogger on Douyu. She posted a lot of her pretty photos on her account but always covered her face with filter during live streaming. She asked her followers to send her donation and said would only show her good-looking face on live streaming when the donation reaches RMB 100,000. However, in recent live streaming on Jul 27th, the filter malfunctioned at some point and showed her real face – a middle-aged woman, not the pretty young lady followers expected to be.


On Aug 1st, Douyu announced that “Your Highness Qiao Biluo” planned the face reveal incident as a gimmick to draw attention. Her inappropriate behavior caused negative social influence and the platform decided to ban her account permanently as punishment.


Some argued that the followers deserved to be tricked for blindly giving money to these female hosts online so easily. Some worried that there is too much online censorship in China.